44001 A215SV Performance Pack

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The ultimate option for the A215SV, with extensive testing conducted by our development team. The performance increase is so pronounced that we just couldn't hold off releasing these parts (all items will appear on our new car).

-Install Guide-

- New One-piece lightweight wing mount with adjustable height for quick and easy adjustment to the downforce being created by the wing, includes tower hardware and plastic wing buttons. (Part 41006)

- New 5mm Aluminium Rear shock tower with updated shape and wing mount multi-fitment holes to house the new wing mount securely to the buggy. (Part 47221)

- New A and B blocks with the same roll centre as the previous block but a new mounting position and shape allowing for the front differential to be lifted by 4mm, this gives a better balance to the front and rear of the buggy whilst now also allowing for a quick release of the front diff from the gearbox casing. (Part 47201 and 47202)

- New 5mm Aluminium Front shock tower with simplified upper link position and a 4mm lower shock mount height to factor in the raised gearbox, maintaining the original shock positions. (Part 47220) 

- New Aluminium steering posts with a 4mm higher mounting position for the raised steering rack assembly. (Part 36225-L4) 

- New composite front gearbox inserts for the new front gearbox position (Part 1004-3 and 1004-L4) 

- New 4mm Aluminium front chassis brace spacers to bring up the front chassis brace position to the new front diff height (Part 46843)

- New 18mm Countersunk M4 screws for the front gearbox assembly (Part SJG4418)

- 2mm Aluminium steering link spacers to correct the steering link angle with the new steering rack height (Part 6246)