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Product Overview

J&T Bearing's 7x19x6 Front Engine Bearing offers unbeatable performance for most .21/.28 engines at a fair price. These bearings have single rubber seal that will placed facing outward, while the inside of the bearing will remain open for lubrication.

  • Abec 5 Quality
  • Chrome Steel 52100 Balls and Rings
  • Glass Fiber cage
  • Single rubber seal

Engines Used In

  • Almost all .21/.28 engines


  • Diagnosing: Typically you can tell a front bearing is going out if after a run there is a large wet spot on the bottom of your motor next to the flywheel. A little bit of wet is ok and usually just a sign of a rich low-end needle. If the bearing is bad your signs will be inconsistent tune and possible chance of damaging the crank/case if it completely goes.
  • Installation: The best way to install is to use a bearing puller/installer,  If you place the new bearing in the freezer for 15 minutes it will be easier to install.


Bearing Dimensions