EBIS Engine Break-In

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Easy Break In System

Designed and Manufactured in The Netherlands. The EBIS is a revolutionary new way to break in a Nitro Engine. The machine is designed to heat the Engine whilst completely submerged in an oil bath. Once desired temperature has been achieved, the Engine is turned over by the crank at the desired RPM. Lubricating all components during the break in process. Firstly the engine is warmed to 90 degrees and set to 200RPM, after a noticeable change in the audible decibels the temperature is reduced to 80 degrees  while the RPM is increased to 500. The engine is then run for a further 3 – 10 hours. The variance in time is
associated with the brand of engine along with individual differences in piston/sleeve tolerances. Every engine is different and monitoring Decibels is our own way of determining how far along the engine is during the process. The manufacturer has gone to great lengths to design a machine that can provide the perfect environment for a Nitro Engine to begin it’s life, giving the racer the best possible engine.


Time, Money & Frustration are all a big player when breaking in a new Nitro Engine. It can also be the difference between a great engine that behaves and an engine that is forever playing up and dies prematurely.

 TIME – How long does it take to break in an engine? for those lacking spare time, it can take days or weeks.
 MONEY – Do a rough calculation and you may be surprised at how much a break in can cost. Fuel, Glow Plug, Clutch, Bearings, Starter Box Wear, Tyres etc.
 FRUSTRATION – Who hasn’t cursed a new engine when it won’t start? Flat starter box, broken starter box, blown plug, flat glow ignitor, flooded engine, the list goes on…
The engines components undergo extreme conditions during traditional break in,
The EBIS being temperature controlled and completely submerged in fully synthetic oil ensures that components such as conrod and bearings are not worn after break in. The cost of a Conrod alone pays for the EBIS Service!


The EBIS Australia Service is $65 plus $12 Return Postage (Express). Turn around time is generally 1 – 2 days after the engine has been received, if there is any delay expected we will notify you when enquiring.


After the EBIS break-in, you now only need to do the “loosening” of the engine.
Always PRE-HEAT the engine with a hairdryer/heat gun/head warmer on the cooling head for 2-3 minutes, this is really important, so that it is really hot everywhere. This can be checked by manually checking the temperature of the chassis plate under the engine. Start the engine. It should start immediately and idle smoothly, you may need to lean the Low Speed needle if the factory settings are extremely rich, this can vary depending on engine, do not lean the high speed needle at this stage. Let the engine idle for 1/4 tank then shut down and let the engine cool.
PRE-HEAT the engine again and get the engine running on idle for 2 minutes, followed by Full Throttle runs for 1/4 tank. Make sure the engine is rich and blowing lots of smoke, this fills the engine with fuel as its running and keeps it lubricated. Begin to lean the low and high speed needles 1/8 turn at a time but keep the engine on the rich side. Initially don’t allow max RPM, but slowly
increase it by dosing the throttle on your transmitter.
Then within 3 tanks, the engine can be set slowly but surely in race trim and it is ready to race. There is no harm in pre-longing this and taking it easy for 4 – 5 tanks but the engine will be race ready after 3 tanks.

**NOTE - EBIS Does not take any responsibility for any lost or stolen parcels, damage to engines during freight transit. Shipping of engines is at the buyers expense. Any damages to engines are the customers responsibility. EBIS Australia take the most care when it comes to running in your pride and joy. Engines will be returned with the same packaging as originally sent to us, so please ensure your engine is packaged safely from the beginning.